Who is in the house?

Welcome home!

Killarney Yoga House is born with the aim of offering a new home for wellbeing and yoga in Killarney.  We are committed to creating a space for you to feel comfortable and at home in the Studio.  This is the perfect environment to learn, discover and expand your heart, mind and body.

We want people around the house to share their knowledge so if you are a yoga teacher, nutrionist or any professional in the wellness field we are happy to hear from you. If you want to offer a workshop our space is open to it.

Right now in the house we can find:



Gloria is a certified 200h Hatha yoga teacher and health coach by Institute of Integral Nutrition of New York. She is from Spain and after living in different countries and cities she moved last year with her family to Killarney where she has been teaching to children in different schools and leading class for adults in group and private.                  When she started practicing yoga and eating healthy a lot of transformational experiences followed, so she found the courage to answer her calling to share her practice of yoga and healthy habits with others.                                                                  Gloria knows how it feels to be a beginner and that is the reason why for her is so important to have a good start that will give the student a safe foundation and will make the practice enjoyable.

Join Gloria on the mat Monday 7pm (Hatha Yoga) and  Wednesday 7.30pm (yin yoga); 



Deirdre, from Killarney, is a dedicated student, practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.
Deirdre has since 1994 been travelling to and from India to learn Ashtanga yoga through the traditional method.
In 2007 she completed a teacher training course there and in 2011 was given the authorisation to teach from her teacher R.Sharath Jois in Mysore, India.
Deirdre has taught in both India and Ireland and teaches Ashtanga Yoga as she has been taught,through the lineage of her teachers while continuing with her own daily practice.

Join Deidre every Wednesday at 9.30am for Ashtanga class. 




Murkhande Kaur (Aine Brosnan), I have been  practising various types of yoga since the 1980’s first attending classes while studying in UCC. I discovered Kundalini yoga 10 years ago and was immediately hooked on the natural fast acting high vibrations that I felt and have had a constant daily practice since. I love this tradition of Yoga as it has a very long and deep lineage and it’s so powerful and direct, providing the tools to heal and develop mentally physically and spiritually. It creates a state of balance and neutrality that can allow us to fulfill those deep human desires of good health, prosperity and love. I did the teacher training in 2009 and have been teaching in West Cork since 2010. I recently moved to Kerry and was delighted to find the Killarney yoga house as a home for my classes. There is a lovely sense of warm welcome and community there even though it has only been open since the autumn 2017.  Really looking forward to spending time in this beautiful space sharing these powerful teachings with those who feel drawn.